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We know traveling with children can be difficult. Traveling with babies is HARD! At Tidal Baby we make family travel with the little ones a little easier. It is almost impossible to bring everything you need for your baby on vacation, never mind what you wish you could bring.

Tidal Baby is here to lighten the load.

As still new parents, we know first-hand the challenges parents face when travelling with babies and toddlers. When my wife and I would go on vacation we would try to bring it all. The pack n play, which they would rarely if ever sleep through the night in, the stroller, beach tent, booster seats, and the list goes on. Leaving behind things we wish we could bring, like the crib, which they actually were comfortable and would sleep through the night in, high chair, jogging strollers, and especially the baby swing (our son and daughter would not nap without it).

One vacation we traveled out to Glacier National Park with our then 3 and 1 year old children. The resort we were staying at did not have cribs available to use and we knew our daughter was not going to sleep in a pack n play all night every night for a week. The resort recommended a baby equipment rental company to us.

That company offered everything we needed, including nice car seats, and my daughter had a full size crib that she could sleep through the night in. They even came in and set the crib up right where we wanted it. It was great not having to pack up the car seats and lug that pack n play with us.

That’s why we decided to open up Tidal Baby Equipment Rentals in Wells, ME. To help make baby travel to the beach a little easier. Why waste what little vacation time you have packing, unpacking and setting up the baby’s things? Let us do that for you. Whether you are staying at a hotel, renting a home or you have the grandchildren coming to visit, let us do some of the work for you. We will deliver!

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